A wellness expert, stage four cancer survivor, speaker, and Nourishing Resilience author. I help people and companies harness their resilience and optimize their wellbeing.
In 2017, Leah was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and told she was going to die within the next two years.

Nearly four years later and instead, she’s thriving. Using her experience as a dietitian, exercise physiologist, and wellbeing expert, Leah crafted a strategy of resilience to help her reach total remission. Her formula for success using nutrition, exercise, mindset, kindness, authenticity, and love has helped her to beat the odds despite initially being given a one to four percent chance of survival.

Leah has been working with companies and individuals on nutrition and wellness for over fifteen years. She’s worked with multiple global organizations on their employee health and wellness strategy including Marriott International, McCormick & Co., Hilton Worldwide, Johns Hopkins, and ExxonMobil.

She’s also the co-founder of The Willow Foundation, which provides funding to researchers that strive to find a connection between diet, exercise, and mindset and improved outcomes for late-stage cancer patients.

Leah holds an MBA from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University, a Master’s Degree in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Science, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. She’s a registered dietitian and ACSM certified exercise physiologist. She’s a former division-one athlete and medical officer in the United States Army Reserves.

Nourishing Resilience explores the intersection of key wellness principles with the power of resilience. Hear incredible stories from survivors who have experienced life changing trauma but have built back stronger.​
Leah has spoken for more than 50 companies on the key principles of wellbeing highlighting how to beat stress, boost health, and improve resilience through nutrition, exercise, mindset, authenticity, love, and kindness.
Learn the most important wellness principles to live your best, most resilient life. From key exercise principles to eating right during cancer treatment, Leah can help you reach your goals.

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If you need help bouncing back, or finding meaning after trauma, or you just want to be inspired by others, Leah Evert’s “Nourishing Resilience” delivers thoughtful, researched, and empowering steps to thrive through life’s darkest moments. SARANNE ROTHBERG, STAGE IV CANCER SURVIVOR CEO, THE COMEDY CURES FOUNDATION
No matter how grim the prognosis, everyone should learn and practice the principles of thriving in every moment. This heartfelt and practical guidebook to a leading a rich life is inspirational. HOLLY HARPER AUTHOR OF THE DEAL OF THE DOLLHOUSE
Leah did an absolutely amazing job in “Nourishing Resilience: The Thriver’s Guidebook.” It is honest, raw and authentic her voice truly shines through. GERALDIN DIAZ AUTHOR OF REROUTE: SUCCEEDING YOUNG- PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY AND FINANCIALLY